The Switch


If you're here, you're probably feeling stuck in one area of your life. You know that you're repeating a pattern that you can't seem to break loose from. You're not sure what you're doing -- or not doing to keep you in the exact same situations performing the same bad habits. 

Well, we're glad you're here! We've designed this session to help you breakthrough the bad habits that are holding you back. 


The 5 areas The Switch is designed to rewire:

  • Eliminate stress eating
  • Establish a regular exercise routine
  • Establish a nighttime routine for optimal sleep
  • Remove a specific food from your diet for good
  • Quit hitting the snooze button!

You pick one area and we completely rewire your mind and give you an action plan to achieve your goal. 

Are you interested in focusing on more than just one area? Check out our 3 month program, The Solution.

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The Switch


A one hour one on one session designed to help you establish a new badass behavior. Eliminate a food that you know is contributing to weight gain, establish the habit of going to the gym more regularly, quit hitting that snooze button, or start a nighttime routine that will transform your sleep.



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