A package designed to bring the nervous system back into homeostasis, calming your mind and body, and discovering tools to keep it there. Great for people suffering from stress and anxiety, this protocol will heal parts of you that are holding tension and give you action steps to keep your stress at bay.your nervous system back into homeostasis.

Reiki Healing (60 mins) 

Balance energy centers (chakras, 3 diamonds) Chakra tuning forks used as needed. Clear energy lines, clear and balance aura, cut energetic cords that no longer serve you, seal all rips, tears, and cracks in aura, Heal and clear Karmic issues. Your session will end with some drumming to clear your energy. FEEL AMAZING & renew your energy.

The Conscious Craft's Nervous System Recalibration Protocol

A 30 day process to re-calibrate your mind and body to bring your nervous system back to homeostasis. When we feel stress or anxiety, we’re living out of our “fight or flight” operating system. In this state, our bodies become acidic and our minds actively seek out danger aka things to worry about. If you suffer from on going stress and anxiety, this program will give you the tools to balance that out. You’ll receive daily self care routines that keep you feeling calm as well as a nutrition guide that will alkalize your body assisting in this balancing process.  

1 Hour Coaching Session with The Conscious Craft 

A one hour session to define where your stress and anxiety might be coming from and the best plan of action to overcome it. Neuro linguistic programming techniques may be used to reprogram limiting beliefs or release held emotions. We’ll give you an action plan to carry out to optimize your nervous system so you can handle anything life throws at your with grace.

30 mL Calm by Design CBD (cannabidiol) Oil

CBD is highly anti-inflammatory making it beneficial for chronic pain and brings the nervous system back into balance making it great for stress. Numerous animal and human experimental, clinical and epidemiological studies suggest CBD has powerful anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties. It has been shown to be safe, well-tolerated and may be beneficial for disorders including anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Option 1: $125

- Reiki Healing

- The Conscious Craft 

- De-Stress and Elevate Protocol


Option 2: $225

- Reiki Healing

- The Conscious Craft 

De-Stress and Elevate Protocol

- 1 hour breakthrough session with The Conscious Craft