goddess activation experience

The Goddess dinner is an experience not to be missed. You’ll meet your inner goddess while connecting to the theme goddess of the night. Realize your true power and voice as a goddess. Gain clarity, increase your intuition and discover what your goddess soul path is. 

Receive a Goddess Activation Kit which includes a 30 day practice to help you integrate what you discover in the evening into your practical life. In this kit you’ll learn how to own your voice, step into your power, release old stories and blocks that are holding you back, and fully embody your inner goddess. You’ll also receive goddess tools such as activated sprays, oils, crystals, guided meditations, prosperity practices, a 10 day energetic cleanse and more.

We’ll journey into your Akashic Records to meet your inner goddess, connect with her, dance with her and discover new areas of your life you have yet to explore. Dine on a beautifully crafted vegan meal complete with superfoods made to power your vessel and energize your soul.

Attire & What to Bring:
Dress in your best Goddess Outfit, that makes you feel beautiful. Whatever that looks like to you.
Bring yourself, fully open and ready to enjoy a night designed just for you. All other tools will be included. If you have a sacred item, bring it for a goddess blessing.