an online workshop designed to help you align with a high vibration consistently.

Stress and anxiety have almost become the norm for most folks, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. In fact, the world is in desperate need of people who are showing up and doing the work to get the their mind and body balanced so they can be projecting a positive vibration. It’s time to get a handle on stress so it never has control over you. 

"After doing this workshop I realized exactly where I was wasting energy which was causing me stress. Now with these practices I know what to do when stress hits and I get out of that state so much faster!"
Hailey Whittaker

Balance Your nervous system

Learn tools and practices that bring your nervous system back into homeostasis on command. Never let stress and anxiety creep up on you again by incorporating these practices into your daily life. 

Become conscious of your thoughts

Negative thoughts can spiral fast if we don’t have conscious awareness of them. In this program, you’ll gain a better understanding of your thinking mind so you can befriend it and gain control of thoughts that do not serve you.

understand emotions as energy

Learn practices to help you better understand emotions as information. When you gain conscious awareness of your thoughts and emotions, you gain control over them. 

bonus items:

Essentail Oils for Stress Guide

Add essential oils to your daily toolbox routine.

Herbs for
Stress Guide

Use adaptogen herbs to bring your nervous system back into balance and help you fight outside stressors.

Video Lessons

Video content to help you learn and integrate stress management practices.

Crystals for Stress Guide

Use crystals to lift your energetic state and keep you calm.

Journal Prompts

Journaling is a powerful practice to reprogram thoughts and install new beliefs.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation that you can do anywhere to wash away negative energies and raise your vibration.