The Fix

Addicted to results

Are you ready to build that habit you know will change things for you?

If you're here you know that habits are the key to success. What we do on a daily basis determines whether we reach the results we're aiming for. We're taught to rely on motivation alone to establish healthy habits, but motivation can be fleeting - it's there one day and gone the next.

You've tried other programs, you know all of the information yet you can't get yourself to take consistent action to get the results.

We may be great at starting a new habit like replacing night time sweet tooths with a tea or a morning meditation practice but we struggle with sticking to it.

The problem is, we can't rely on motivation alone.

We have to establish proper belief systems and new neural pathways in our brain to replace a bad habit or make a new one stick. Our reality matches our beliefs - this is why it's necessary to rewire our minds to reach our desired goals.

Do you ever find yourself or experience:

Feeling stuck - stuck in your career, relationship, own patterns of self doubt or uncertainty?

Never sticking to your new year's resolutions.

Wanting to uplevel your life but struggling to replace bad habits?

Not understanding why you can't stick to a diet or exercise plan.

Reaching for food when you feel stressed?

Feeling like you're constantly riding the wave of feeling on top of the world and completely unmotivated.

One day you're inspired, the next you're filled with self doubt.

Love setting new intentions but fall short on taking action to manifest them.

Trying all of the new age techniques including positive affirmations but not seeing any results.

If you've said yes to any of the above, know that we've been there. We've tried all of the techniques from positive thinking to visualizing yet remained stuck and unsatisfied with our results in shifting our habits.

We created this one month program for the person that's tried it all and is ready to finally become the person that they know is within them.

Ready to start?

Meet your new sidekicks.

Bruce Mason, Designer Randy Bradley, Developer
CHC + NLP Practitioner

Alyssa Glaser

CHC + NLP Practitioner

Hannah Holladay

What's better than one coach? TWO!

We'll be here every step of the way as your personal coaches guiding you to your most aligned, graceful and abundant life. 

This is for you if you are...

Ready to break bad habits

Excited to move past limiting beliefs that are holding you back

willing to let go of what isn't working for you

Ready to see results

finally ready to be done repeating the same patterns that don't serve you

ready to reach your goals and live the life you deserve

This is Not For You if you are...

not ready to do the work required to create massive change

unwilling to release the story of why you can't be successful

looking for a quick fix 

unwilling to adapt and try new things

not ready to try something different

unwilling to change your beliefs

Satisfaction guarenteed.

Let's do this

The Fix


Finally replace a bad habit or create the new one that you know is going to get you to reach your goals. Work closely with coaches in a one month program personalized just for you. We’ll create action steps designed to fit into your current life so this program is a success. Rewire your brain and create new neural pathways so that your habit sticks for good. By the end of this program, you will be left feeling confident, empowered and on track to achieve your goals.



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