fully embody your inner goddess before your big day

3 Month Wedding Package : $550

Monthly Meal Plan with Exercise Plan ($111 Value)

Group Hemp Oil Meditation

Healthy Meal (Breakfast / Lunch) 
For 8 people 

Energy Healing 
15 mins reiki sessions for wedding party up to 8 people 
30 mins for bride 1 person 
Each additional person would be $33 

Wedding Essentials Energy Healing Kit for each person (value $25 each)

***Recommended to purchase at least 3 months prior to wedding date***

Get you mind and body right for the month before your wedding instead letting the stress roll in. Balance the responsibilities of wedding planning, home life, and work with the support of certified holistic health coaches and an ex-wedding planner. Be guided through the last portion of your wedding planning journey with a daily meal plan, mindset tip and exercise plan that will help you feel your absolute best on your wedding day. 

Then for the big day. Ease into your wedding day with relaxing, healing energy as you embark on the most exciting journey of your life. Fall in love with the way you feel and incorporate this feeling of serenity at the beginning of your new adventure. 

This package starts off the morning with a relaxing guided meditation to ground you and your crew into the buzzing energy of the day. For those who choose to indulge, get deeper into your state of relaxation with some minty fresh CBD (you may need it for when you see your crazy Aunt!). 

Following this meditation, prepare your system with a nourishing meal to prime your body for all of the indulgences of the day! During this healthy and delicious brunch, experience the healing power of individual reiki for you and your crew. 

You and your team will each receive a wedding day essential energy healing kit which will include an essential oil blend to eliminate any stress, a grounding crystal, a mini hemp oil bottle for the day…

Eliminate all the drama and all the stress by starting your day the conscious way.