5 Steps to Improve Self Awareness


Walking through the Glastonbury Abbey gardens Susan Nefzger had an epiphany, 6 weeks later she had a book.  Today she has a completely different life.  What is your purpose in life?  Without true self awareness it's hard to sift through our constant mind chatter and societal expectation to find what truly makes us happy.  We are all here to raise the vibration of the planet in some way.  Listen or read below to learn techniques to help you get in touch with YOU.




Visualize your dream.  What is your ideal world?  Make a physical representation with photos (dream board!) or sit in meditation on what your perfect life looks like.  Tap into the passion linked to your gift.


Start with 5 minutes of every day space for you to do something you're craving.  Meditation, quiet time, a ritual or practice that brings you joy.  Try looking at your calendar and cutting the fat, how can you create more time for what you need and want?  Being busy does not equal being productive. Priortize yourself.


It's not all manicures and bubblebaths.  It's putting your needs first without guilt or shame.  It's fufuilling commitments you make to yourself.   After the first 2 steps you should have a pretty good idea of what self care looks like for you.  Use the space you've created to nurture your inner happiness.


Be present.  Try turning off your phone/computer for 15 minutes.  Take a mindful walk.  Susan describes walking outside and mentally describing her surroundings.  By starting small you will build your mindful muscles, which will come in handy for bigger situations and time where ebing present will deeply benefit you


Actually do this shit, yo!  For real, reading and researching and thinging about action is wonderful but until you start the work you arent going to see the change.

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