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Holding space with Sarah Wong!  This is personally my favorite of her sayings.  What are you holding space for in yourself right now?  DO you even have any space?  If you are in search for a treatment modality that incorporates a deeper spirituality read on! (or click below to listen now!)



Sarah realized from a young age that she was in touch with the energy around her and had highly intuitive capabilities.  After a full career in computer science and virtual reality she combined her spiritual practice and intuitive talent with technology.

At Energy Haus she has created a collective of alternative healing options, however the most important tool is not something she offers, but something she asks that you bring.  An open mind.  Sarah describes her healing as a massage for your aura (speaking of which they offer aura readings).  While she is highly educated in crystal healing, a reiki master, and essential oil mixologist- the amount that you benefit from these services is directly related to how ready your mind is for the possibility of healing.

Your mind creates stress chemicals just IMAGINING stressful situations (hello anxiety), we all know that by now.  You imagine failure, anticipate the worst, your nerves kick in, your stomach hurts, you’re sweating and nothing has even happened yet!  However, more importantly, your mind can also create healing through the same imagination.

Sarah emphasizes you don’t need to be “ready” to receive her healing, just being curious will do.  If you find you are curious, please join us at Energy Haus for our next Self-Care on Sunday May 19th.  Sarah will be present in partnership with The Conscious Craft to guide us through meditation, energy work, and tea reading.

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