Healing through Magic


     After her divorce, Mallory Leone opened herself up to the universe and was ready to receive.  Sometimes, traumatic



moments in our life are also an amazing way to gain some perspective, and Mallory was no exception.  Years of trying to fit


into the mold of what society dictates as successful or attractive left Mallory feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.  What she received


was, for lack of a better word, magical.



     Magic at its basic level is about energy, much like quantum physics.  Using the elements, rituals, and meditation, Mallory
shows it is possible to move yourself to a different level of consciousness. This is important to note because so much of our
consciousness day-to-day remains in an archaic fight/flight “mode”.  This “mode” keeps us alive (thanks!), but also triggers
stress in the mind and body (no thanks!).  Allowing your mind to openly process your trauma can override this system, and
bring a balance in daily life that allows you to focus on your higher self and respond to situations, as opposed to freaking out
over every little thing as if you’re literally gonna die.  Sound good?  Read on!


Lets Talk Trauma


     You have it!  Yes.  If your heart is beating, if you are breathing, if you are a human on planet earth right now, you have


trauma.  No matter how large or small, whether it is your own trauma or it is inherited through your DNA (no joke, google it),


you have it.  Are some traumatic experiences worse than others?  Of course.  Does that make your trauma any less


significant to YOU?  Nope!  Is your trauma a valid reason for continued self-victimization based on your past and/or general


dysfunction in your life? (I’ll let you answer that for yourself but here’s a hint: Nope)




Trauma and Trust


     Practicing magic has a way of aligning your wants VS your needs. Quiet your mind and focus your energy, but don’t forget


to listen within quietness and make room for the universe to give you her answers.  Trust these answers, feel the flow, and


check your expectations.  Sometimes you and the universe will be aligned, other times (gasp) you will not.  Allow your


guides, God, Goddess, Universe, or highest versions of yourself to inform your continued decisions and beliefs.




Trauma Team


    It takes a village to raise your inner-child.  Enlist help and INVEST in help.  This kind of work should not, dare I say cannot, be


done alone.  It does not need to be expensive - some of us only have time to invest for now - and that is fine. Do your research,


identify your resources, determine your budget (time or money) and most importantly TAKE ACTION.


Magic is not something that floats around randomly happening to people. Much like success, it is cultivated and created by


YOU.  You wicked enchanted beast you.


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