How to Marie Kondo Your Life to Attract Your Desires


Marie Kondo is sweeping (pun intended) across homes inspiring people to rid the clutter and bring in more joy into their lives. We're taking her methods to the next level and cleansing our whole damn lives.

There is definitely an external correlation to internal clutter.  The mind chatter, limiting beliefs and trauma you are holding onto in your body can show up as disorganization in other parts of your life as well!  Here are some great tips to get started in keeping our mind, body, and space in ship-shape.

Spacial-  This may be the easiest of the three because it is tangible and simple to access (still will be a challenge!)

- Within 10 days from RIGHT NOW (mark your calendar) we challenge you to donate or remove 15 items from your home that no longer serve you.  Watch some Marie Kondo, or do any other process that feels good to you, and remove the physical clutter or reminders of the past that are taking up space in your life.


Body - This is a medium level challenge, no need to take all these suggestions at once but do try and incorporate them over time!*  

*We support intuitive eating and are mindful of those who suffer from disordered eating.  If any of these practices go against professional advise or trigger you, simply try and drink more water and skip to “shake it out"!

- Drink water, lots of it.  Shoot for half your body weight in ounces (if you don’t know your body weight just guess!)
- Try to cut back on processed foods!  Look for less ingredients, stick to ingredients you can pronounce, fiber, probiotics (yogurt, kombucha), and GREENS!
- Peep at your poop.  How's your elimination situation?  The last two suggestions should help, but if you are having diarrhea, constipation, bloating or anything but regular, firm, happy poops- you could most likely use a little "body cleanse.”


SHAKE IT OUT - Did you know that trauma can store itself in the body?
No, really. Don't believe us? Check out "Heal" a documentary on Netflix. Ever notice how emotions start as feelings in your body? Anxiety, tension, stomachaches - these can all be caused by traumas being held in your physical body.

Side note: Join us for our BREAKTHROUGH PARTIES! We'll be holding regular in person events to help you MOVE through limiting beliefs and old emotions. We'll breathe, journal, visualize an empowered self and activate joy and confidence through dancing together! Our next event is April 17th at 7:30pm at KP Pilates in Long Beach. Oh yeah, It's FREE!

Mental - Here is where the challenge rests. You have to access your beliefs and subconscious and really get into the nooks and crannies of your brain.


-Release your negative thoughts: Our brains have a negativity bias, it's true. Your brain can be a big ol' Debbie Downer but this evolution came from keeping us out of harms way. Now that we aren't in a state of fight or flight every day, we can train our mind to be less sensitive to the negative, and take a turn towards the positive. Your initial thoughts are just INITIAL THOUGHTS. If they are a bummer, try and follow up with something positive.


EXAMPLE- You had plans with a friend that you were looking forward to and as you are getting ready, they text you and say that they overbooked themselves and won't be able to meet with you. 🙁


Brain: INITIAL THOUGHT- "They don't care about me...look at how many other things they have to do are more important than hanging out with me. How disappointing. I guess I shouldn't try and make plans in the future with them again."

FOLLOW UP THOUGHT- "WHOA there asshole brain...that's not what they said...why would you think that? You've been overbooked too! No one is perfect. I'm sure they are equally as bummed they can't meet up. Maybe try and reschedule the plans for a later time."

If we had stuck with that initial thought (which stems from abandonment trauma and poor self esteem), we would just be reinforcing those negative beliefs. By allowing a positive (and let's face it) more realistic follow up thought, we reprogram a limiting belief into something that actually serves us.

Do yourself a favor and take time to celebrate these little victories. Did you actually start getting rid of some of those 15 things? GO YOU! Did you grab a glass of water this morning before a cup of coffee? WHO IS SHE? Better yet, did you mark the BREAKTHRU PARTY on your calendar yet? Literally high five yourself right now! Feel silly? DON'T! We show the world how to treat us by how we treat ourselves, start rejoicing your success (Big or Small) and start listening to the universal applause.

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