Do You Know Yourself? Our Favorite Tools for Self Awareness


“Starting with yourself”

When beginning down the path of self development it is sometimes hard to know where to start.

What are your patterns?  Do you know where they come from?  Our passing thoughts and experiences can shape our future, but they are not always helpful.

By getting to really REALLY know yourself, you can take control and decide what direction you want to take- instead of having it be dictated by defunct memories.

If you have the time, isolate yourself in a cave and fast for 50 hours in deep mediation until a divine light beam shoots from the sky directly into your third eye.

If you rather speed up the process of self enlightenment check out these awesome tools.

  1. Enneagram Test- this will help determine your personality style
  2. Human Design- a combination of astrology, chakra and ancient Kabbalah wisdom that may help you identify where your energy flows, and where your intuition comes from.
  3. Myers Briggs Personality Test- the main difference between this and the enneagram test is that Myers-Briggs focuses on nature whereas enneagram focuses on nurture.
  4. Horoscope- Why not?  You may or may not believe in astrology but either way it gives you some food for thought
  5. Numerology- find your “life path” number and contemplate your destiny.
  6. Aura Reading- If you are local we recommend visiting Sarah at Energy Haus Long Beach to get a reading on your energy and a checkup on your chakras.
No matter what you believe in, any (or all) of these tool will really get you thinking about your core vales. 🙂 

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