EMDR, Self Awareness and Leaning into Fear with Taylor Klump


In this episode with athlete and mental health counselor Taylor Klump, we talk about the importance of self awareness, a morning routine, and using intuition to guide your journey. Taylor also discusses why talk therapy isn’t the most effective way for people to get past trauma and why EMDR might be a better approach in treating PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Taylor had a pivotal moment in her life where she realized she wanted something different. She began to listen to her intuition and take action even though fear might have been present. Through her self-awareness practices and actually leaning into the fear to make moves she was led down the path to becoming a mental health counselor.

We discuss why talk therapy alone might not be the best route to take for some when dealing with trauma.


Taylor explains, “When we experience trauma - which is any event that registers as pain or shame from minor to significant events, our brains pair it with a negative belief about ourself (especially the childhood ones that shape the lens we see the world through and the beliefs we form about ourselves).”

Our brain and body does not know the difference between reality and imagination so when we think about trauma that we might have experienced, it’s as if we are going through it again mentally and physically.

Alternative practices such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy help us to release these beliefs that been “downloaded” and the memory attached to them much more effectively and quickly.

"EMDR therapy shows that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma much as the body recovers from physical trauma." - EMDR Institute 

When use talk therapy and try to rationalize the events of the past, we aren’t working on the stress responses that are still being released in the amygdala long after the event has occurred.

Almost all of us cannot escape trauma - trauma is the root of where most of our limiting beliefs come from. This could be as minor as a caregiver yelling "no" at us as children over and over again (this memory gets lodged in our subconscious).

So when we begin to unpeel the layers and pinpoint why we behave the way we do, we can then start to take action and become the person we know we can become.

This process isn't necessarily easy, but it doesn't have to be so serious or heavy all of the time. Bottom line, this is life! We're here to experience all of life's intricacies but it's helpful if you have some support around building self-awareness so that you can live your best life 🙂


A Rise in Alternatives

We are seeing a rise in alternative therapies in the mental health space because we have a country of people that unfortunately, are not getting well. People are turning towards a more holistic approach which includes nutrition, self care routines, and lifestyle changes.

Taylor explains why self-awareness is such a huge key in personal development. When we use practices like meditation we become more aware of our thoughts and emotions. Having a morning routine that allows your thoughts to breathe sets you up for your day from a place of empowerment vs. disempowerment (i.e. a morning that starts with scrolling Instagram).

We dive in to how anxiety is rampant in our society, especially our youth. Taylor explains how anxiety is a symptom of lack in self awareness and not allowing our thoughts to breathe.


If practices like meditation and mindfulness were taught in school, we’d have a much different looking generation. Kids would be able to grow up with emotional regulation skills, communication skills and learn how to internally validate themselves.

Rather than youth being guided towards pharmaceutical drugs, we’d have a much different looking situation if kids knew skills that taught them how to deal with the complexities of life!

We loved this conversation so much! Taylor has a unique perspective as an athlete and uses her skill set and experiences to help teach people how to become more self aware and heal.

Taylor offers up daily wisdom on her Instagram @wholisticbliss check her and leave a review if you gained something from this episode!

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