Reduce Stress and Get Results with 5 x 2 Method by Chris DiVecchio


Not too often do you hear of personal trainers that incorporate stress management techniques built into their programs, but that’s exactly what trainer, lifestyle transformation coach, and author of The 5 x 2 Method, Chris DiVecchio, is doing.

Chris works with clients around the world to build programs that fit into their unique life that not only gives them the physical results but more energy to focus on the things that they love as well!

Chris grew up as an athlete and transitioned into acting and modeling after moving to the L.A. area. During this time, he said he learned the art of adjusting from the harsh reality of an acting career. Chris says by getting so many “no’s” in his career, it actually gave him the structure for how to adapt, which he says is a necessity in learning how to manage stress.


After clients were coming to him time and time again, frustrated from not getting the results they wanted in the gym, Chris started to develop programs that incorporated more of the mind and lifestyle adjustments in addition to the physical work.

Chris weaves lifestyle design, stress management, and time management tools into his programs to ensure clients find success with their goals.


His clients were working out 7 days a week, eating less and not getting results, and looking rundown, Chris explained. By creating programs that are very targeted, he looks at their individual life and is able to integrate lifestyle changes into the priorities they already have.

In order to get the physical results you want, you must look at your mental health and lifestyle choices. Chris includes nutrition, mindfulness and sleep routines to help clients get the results they want while at the same time gaining more self love and energy to focus on the things they really love. The physical results come as a proxy when you incorporate this work, Chris explains.


Chris gifted us with 5 methods to manage stress that he gives to his clients:

    1. Intentional organization in daily design

Most people get stressed because they don’t have an order to their day. Organize your day and lower your stress by not trying to live on the fly.

  1. Master the art of adjustment

Being able to adapt and go with the flow is a skill that must be practiced but is monumental in managing stress levels. If you’re not able to adapt and adjust to the unknown, you’re susceptible to spiked cortisol levels and anxiety.

  1. Epsom salt baths

An easy way to let the stresses of the day melt away. Light a candle and make a routine out of it.

  1. Cortisol management supplement

Cortisol is your stress hormone that gets released when we enter our flight or fight state. It also is the hormone that holds onto belly fat. Use a safe supplement to keep cortisol levels at bay.

  1. 5 x 2 method

The 5 x 2 method is a process that reveals the power of your senses that Chris developed to help you tap into the present moment. First thing in the morning and before bed at night, tap into all 5 senses with things that you enjoy and that will relax you.

A sip of chamomile tea, dim lights, a warm bath, ambient music, and lavender essential oils are ways to hit all 5 senses that create positive feedback loops, setting you up for a beautiful night’s sleep.

Develop your own 5 x 2 method catered to your own preferences and use this morning or night and anytime you feel stress come on throughout the day to drop you into the present moment and shift your energy.

Try out all of these methods that Chris uses in his programs with clients to help them achieve not only the physical results but overall balanced health and happiness.

You can find Chris at and on social media @chrisdivecchio !

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