The New Medical Paradigm – Using Hypnotherapy to Heal Chronic Pain with Gnosis Therapy


We had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with owner Garrett Wood of Gnosis Therapy to discuss all the twists and turns of human biology, psychology and sociology.  That is the basis of the type of therapy Garrett practices.

He uses what he calls the Bio-Psycho-Social model which he says is the antithesis of our current bio medical model because if we’re only focusing on what we currently do in the biomedical model, we’re limiting the experience of human emotion, social interaction and how we show up in that everyday. The Bio-Psycho-Social model is much more inclusive, looking at the human as a whole.

Unfortunately, the western medical model doesn’t include regular preventative healthcare. This is why more and more people are turning towards alternative healing modalities because they are not getting results in our current model.

We need to be creating more resources for when we’re not feeling well but are also not sick. This is where Garrett steps in and becomes an excellent resource focusing on preventative health care and healing from within. Garrett works with clients not patients.


Unpacking the Bio-Psycho-Social Model

Let’s dive into the juicy details! Simply put, if your relationship with yourself is poor, your relationships with others, with your job, and with your health will reflect that too. You may become confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, and not truly understand where it is all coming from.

It all stems from the mind-body-environment connection. For example, we are aware that when we consume something; food, media, friend’s advice, or a movie, it changes the way we feel. We are susceptible to influences, good or bad, from our social environment and internal experiences.

Human emotions (developed from either internal or external stimuli) trigger chemical reactions in the body. That’s where the physiology comes into play. Often people will take SSIR’s as a way to treat low mental states yet not pay attention to what is going on in their life or lifestyle. How does that make sense?

Nowadays, we’re living in a society where we’ve downloaded mental programs such as the hustle until you burn out mentality. If you’re too happy, something must be wrong with you. We will actually do work to do work to avoid the way we actually feel. What?! Why would we want to continue passing down these patterns to future generations?


Injury vs. Pain

So let’s figure out why we’re actually doing this and exploring the differences between injury and pain. Injury is when something is acutely wrong and needs to be addressed medically. Pain is often associated with injury, but pain is also available to us without injury.

Pain is a learned response. For example, if you were in a car accident, every time you reach for the seat belt you can be reminded of that pain. And you’re going to feel the pain wherever you were most dramatically impacted in that situation. That is our mental association with learned pain.


If Younger Me Only Knew…

We’re often running patterns and programs from childhood trauma in adulthood and they show up for us as limiting beliefs. We then repeat patterns that may be holding us back from reaching our potential. No one can escape childhood trauma- we did the best we could to protect ourselves as children- but there are ways we as adults move through those traumas.  

You believe the things you learn as a kid. If you were attacked by a dog when you were a kid, you believe dogs are bad because that is imprinted in you.

Luckily, you can directly intervene by creating the same mental state that you were in when you learned that behavior originally. Then you relive a similar type of experience in a moment where you know you’re comfortable and relaxed. You can bring up a thought that normally stresses you out when you experience it first hand but because you’re in a relaxed, hypnotic state, it cannot have the same physiological reaction that it would if you were actually experiencing it.

This reprograms the way your body and mind experiences a specific situation. You have to feel safe in order to tap into your subconscious.You’re using your own power of relaxation to recreate situations that typically stress you out and experience them in a more productive way.


You Are The Solution to All Your Problems

Change your mind, change your results. You have the power to change the physiology of your mind.

We are constantly telling ourselves stories that aren’t actually true, but because we believe them to be true, they end up being true to us. It’s our perception and imagination versus our actually reality, which we then turn into our known reality.

The good news is that you are the solution to all of your own problems. Sweet! But the bad news is that you are also the problem.

The fear of the unknown is actually the largest fear. You hurt yourself to get something pleasurable because that is what you know and what feels comfortable. It’s less scary to stay in your unsafe environment because it's familiar to you. You’re taking your own fears and projecting them into the world and acting as if they are real, and then you create them and reinforce them and then they are real.

In order to stop being the problem in your own life, you have to make the choice to show up and realize that you want to change your life. And it's really hard to do! You have to have the mindset that you are worth investing in.

Getting Support

Creating this shift is NOT easy and the most effective way to get there is to gain support. Garrett understands the ins and outs of the human condition, and is a phenomenal resource in taking steps towards creating the reality that will serve you instead of hinder you.

We talk about all of this and more in the podcast above, including why physical pain is actually rooted in untreated psychological pain, how to break the patterns of what’s holding you back, and why we’re all drug addicts. You don’t want to miss this episode!

You can find Garrett at and on social media @gnosistherapy.

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