Ready to break bad habits and create new ones in 2019? Here’s how


Breaking habits that are holding you back takes work. Plain and simple. Is it worth it? Ask yourself, am I my happiest self mind, body, and soul? If the answer isn’t a hell yes (this doesn’t mean there isn’t ever lows) then the work is worth it.

Usually, when we hit a rut it's because we've been playing out the same patterns in our lives. Doing the same routines, same habits every single day. Getting out of the same side of the bed, driving to work the same way, eating at the same lunch spots, having the same conversations with the same people, rinse repeat.

Why are you keeping yourself stuck in the same looping patterns? Because it’s familiar.

The human brain loves familiarity - it's like a big warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, it's comfortable as hell. 

The best way to break out of these looping patterns is to break your routines completely.

When we do this, we’re learning. When we’re learning we’re building new neural pathways in the brain. Neural pathways can be created through behavior, thought or emotion.

We know now that neurons that fire together, wire together.

Put simply, the brain will continue to do what it’s used to doing until we teach it to do something else!

So to begin to break the patterns, we have to change our routines and begin to take conscious action daily.


Repetition of new action is required to build a new brain therefore the new life.

Here's the tricky part, it's not going to feel good. You might get a rush of motivation at the beginning but sooner or later you're brain is going to want to fight back to return to the familiar.

But, if you know this going into it, you can re-frame your mindset around it.

It’s going to feel uncomfortable, you know this so when you feel it, get excited because that means you are shifting something.

When you make the uncomfortable decision to go for a walk instead of reach for the chips in the pantry when you’re feeling stressed, you are building new pathways in the brain, a healthier habit and creating the version of you that you’re striving to be.

So what things can you do differently today to start to create a new mind? How can you break up your routine and get a little uncomfortable? Just know when you do this, you're priming your brain for a new mind and a therefore a new life!

Tell us, what habits are you wanting to shift in 2019? Comment down below and let's build new routines together.

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