Find Your Creative Flow by Being vs. Doing


Finding your creative flow can be challenging sometimes. You finally set time aside to write (or draw or dance or create a new recipe) because you know you’ve been needing to get that article out, and your brain is on fire with ideas while multitasking doing everything on your to-do list. But just as you sit your hiney in that chair, bam - nothin’. It’s like your brain hits a literal wall and there’s nothing coming through it.

Creative blockages happen to us all, but we’re here to tell you the antidote.

In today’s fast pace, do-do-do world, we get caught up in all the “action.” We’re racing from one task on our list to another with no time to chat because we have a meeting followed by another meeting.

Lunch with a friend? You must be crazy. Mid-afternoon yoga break? Have you lost your mind?

Our lists of tasks seem to never end and our bodies and minds are needing to be “on” all of the time. This constant state of “action” causes a cascade of chemicals and hormones in our bodies to think that we’re in a regular state of threat.

Here’s the problem- this constant “on the go” mentality has been glamorized in our society. We are programmed to believe that if we aren’t taking action, we’re falling behind, someone else is going to get that job promotion, land the deal, book the role, etc.

This physical and mental state is not only causing us extreme stress and anxiety - it’s blocking our creative flow. This is very thing we really need to maneuver through this world happily because guess what? We are ALL creators. Not just the artist, writers, and dancers - all of us.

We are meant to create. It is in our DNA to be creative but we lose touch with this when we slip too far into task mode. We become more like robots and less like humans. And where that could be a fun plot twist in a sci-fi movie, this is real life!

We are human BEings but sometimes we forget that because of all the things that we must DO. This constant action mode actually keeps us from finding our creative flow.

When we’re in this state of do-do-do, we’re often in our sympathetic nervous system state - our survival mode. When we’re in this state, our mind and bodies do not have time to be creative - they’re under the impression that a bear is about to attack us, which is where all of our energy goes to.

When we’re in the state of just “being” (focusing on the present moment and observing all of our surroundings), we actually slip into our parasympathetic nervous system state, which is your body's “I’m safe” mode.

In this state, creativity flows waaaay more easily. Ideas come with no effort and your creative juices literally flow. The brain has room to flow vs. needing to protect you from a perceived threat.

When we’re constantly “on,” stress and anxiety start to really creep up on you. Your body is pumping full of hormones and chemicals to protect you, to“fight or flight,” and it actually becomes accustomed to this state.

Allowing yourself to snap back into the present moment throughout your day can actually limit the amount of time you stay in this state and consequently produce more creativity and happiness.

Staying present and mindful is a practice. It isn’t something that you will be perfect at overnight (or ever- we’re human!). But the more you can practice it, the easier it will become like anything else. You’ll start to notice your stress levels go down and creative ideas flow much more easily.

Hold yourself accountable for BEing by:

  1. Setting a reminder on your phone to go off every hour with an affirmation like “I am here now.”
  2. Asking a co-worker to go on daily phone-less walks with you around the block.
  3. Placing a sticky note on your desk that says “Take 1 deep breath now.”
  4. Keeping a gratitude rock in your purse or pocket that reminds you to be present and grateful for the moment whenever you touch it.
  5. Using a journal to help you become self-aware of how often you were able to stay present throughout your day.

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