Overactive Mind Hack: #2 Disconnect to Reconnect


When we’re feeling stress and anxiety start to billow, one of the first things we may do unconsciously is reach for our phones as a way to divert our attention. Our little gadgets can be outstanding distractions for us and are seemingly the easiest way to get our mind off of things.

Overactive Mind Hack #2 is “Disconnect to Reconnect” - unplugging can be one of the best ways for you to reduce your mind chatter. Most often, when are minds are racing, a seemingly easy way to mute the chatter is to reach for our phones.

Distracting yourself from your own mind sounds like it could be a good plan, but when we go to to our phones as the solution, we are only filling our brain with more information. Not only are our little gadgets a poor gameplan to reducing the brain chatter, they are actually often the cause of a lot of it!

Our minds are loaded with work, family, projects, friends, etc. and to add the information and sensory overload we are all experiencing from social media and the news, we're creating one hell of an overactive mind.

In this week’s podcast episode, we invite you to turn airplane mode on and take a mental vacation the second you feel stress coming on. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and drift off into sandy white beaches of the Maldives for a few minutes.

When we reduce the amount of input and allow our minds to take a “breather” and expand, we are actually encouraging our nervous system to shift to its calm state (the parasympathetic system).

Just as your phone or computer may overheat and need a reboot, the mind can become overloaded and be in need of a total system shut down. When you shut your phone down, you’re allowing the mind to shut down as well, and the brain loves this!

It may seem counterintuitive that the mind actually expands when you lessen its load and input, but the rest you are giving it is actually allowing for more creativity and relaxation to flow. You begin to produce the “happy chemicals” in your brain and signal to the body that you are safe.

We invite you this week to reboot your system. Give yourself at least a once a week extended break from your gadget (you both could use the space ;)).

And in the heat of stress, begin to develop the habit of closing your eyes and looking at those beautiful eyelids rather than reaching for your phone. The more you practice this, the easier it will become and you will innately go inward rather than outward when feeling stressed.

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