A Basic Human Need: What We’re Really Craving


A sense of belonging feels so good, doesn’t it? When you walk into a room of people that get you, that jive with you, that you know will support you in whatever you do. Isn’t that what we all want? A sense of belonging is a basic human need. We crave it.

Feeling like you belong to a community feels right to us because it’s ingrained in our DNA. The sense of community or being in a tribe is central to every culture. When we connect with others, we know that we are not alone and that feels good to us.

Not only are we boosting happy chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin) when we connect with others, but studies show that identifying as part of a group may give you a stronger sense of purpose.

Psychologists have also found that the more people feel connected to a group and others, the happier they are.

On this podcast, we have a special guest, yoga instructor Cidney Corpuz. We are big fans here at TCC of this Long Beach yoga instructor and studio owner because he creates a sense of community in his classes while working your butt off and having moments of introspection.

He often uses words like “teammates” when speaking of the downward doggie next to you. He makes you feel like you are a part of a tribe that’s on a journey together.

His narrative throughout the class makes you feel like you’re on a mission, in an action thriller movie climbing up the mountain and pausing at the top for a moment of meditation before you climb back down.

His yoga classes are not only challenging, but they're HAWT - literally. His hot yoga classes will push you to your limits but you know that you are not alone in the journey.

Rather than side eyeing the student next to you to see how they’re practice is going and if they really have their knee at a 90 degree angle at warrior one, you are encouraged to support your teammates.

Cidney refers to his students as his queens and his kings. When is the last time you were referred to as a queen or a king? Our guess is not too frequently! He elevates his students and raises their confidence levels in order to spread that purpose through the world.

Cidney takes the selfishness out of the practice - you don’t go to his classes to forget about the world. You go there to feel a belongingness to the community around you and get a sweaty ass kicking while you’re at it.

One theme that Cidney continuously brings to his class is, “May America find peace in her diversity.” We are all unique beings. And recognizing our diversity will free us from the potential mental clutter that keeps us stressed and help us find peace within ourselves and our communities.

Check out Cidney’s studio, HAWT Yoga in Los Alamitos and find him at Olympix in Long Beach on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

If you are in the area, his class is not to be missed!

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