Self-Care Isn’t Just About Bubble Baths – How to Make Self-Care Matter


Self-care...ahhh, such a buzz word these days. Are you doing it? Do you know what it even really means? While charcoal face masks, rose petaled bubble baths, and repeating your list of affirmations are all wonderful tools to help you live a chill life, we want to ask one question.

What’s the real reason you're taking these self care initiatives?

Oh yeah, we went there. Too deep? Hear us out. The self-care industry is absolutely BOOMING right now. You want to find a “self-care” ritual stock to invest in, like yesterday. The self-care movement in the wellness industry is a big one. Why? Well, to start - we damn well need it!

People are starting to realize that their own health and well-being really matter and taking the time to support their own needs is vital. We are going through some crazy times in the world and "checking out" to relax is sometimes a necessity.

We’d like to go a few steps further though. Both of us went to The Best You Expo this past weekend and listened to some incredible speakers including Jim Kwik, Dave Asprey and Mastin Kipp. They all had one message in common -- each of us has the power to take control of our lives - mind, body and spirit.

Mastin Kipp really stood out though. What a guy! His talk was on the idea that we all have some sort of emotional trauma, no matter what age, race, gender or socio economical status. We all have some hurt that needs to be healed.

He brought up an excellent point, stating that you can do all the tools and tactics to take care of yourself such as affirmations, meditation, yoga, etc. but if you don’t really look at the deep rooted issue, these self care tricks will only scratch the surface. We gotta go deeeeep!

Mastin was touching on some REAL issues and how we can deal with them. While we love a good bubble bath and some ashwagandha better than the next gal, we really appreciated his insights on looking further than the self-care tools.

Self-care is a necessity, but we believe that healing and empowering yourself should not only be to live the best life for yourself but ultimately be so that you can share and give back to the community and the world around you.

Coming up with creative solutions is needed for the world’s problems and that will only occur if the individual is taken care of and if multiple individuals unit together.

We all have hurt. Instead of fighting hurt with hurt, like we are so culturally trained to do, how would it feel to focus on healing the hurt and helping to heal the hurt of others? We'd say a heck of a lot better than all the hurt!

So now that we know what the most powerful goal of “self-care” should be, how do we do it? Building new healthy habits! We are a product of what we do daily, so building daily healthy routines that we know are going to keep our stress levels at bay is going to help us become creative forces in the world.

In our upcoming program Life on Zen, we help you do just that. Creating new habits can be hard but in this 30-day program, we break it down into attainable chunks, with the support of us, the community and your physical workbook to hold you accountable.

The program is really only the beginning of your chillest life. We want to empower you to live your most zen life so that you can be the best version of yourself and show up in the world with grace.

We focus on mind, body, and food and the ways to nurture each area of your life so that you have a solid foundation to work from. You’ll become aware of what exactly causes you stress and will have a checklist of items you can turn to when you feel it coming on, so that you are always in the drivers seat of your own life.

Ultimately, you have the power. You have full control and responsibility to take charge of your well being. Sometimes, though, it takes a little awareness, practice and guidance to step into that power.

If you are in or around the Long Beach area stay tuned for upcoming workshops that we will be hosting to go over our system for busting stress effectively. We want you to live your best life so that you can be the shining light and inspiration for those around you!

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If you are in or around the Long Beach, CA area, stay tuned for our upcoming workshops on our system for beating stress effectively! If you know or are a business or group that would benefit from a workshop around reducing stress, we'd love to come chat with you!

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