The Tony Robbins Experience


On today’s blog and podcast, we’re talking about a cocktail that one of us drank over the weekend...a clean, organic, non-gmo, no artificial dyes or flavoring Kool-Aid. That’s right, folks. Alyssa here, and I just spent last weekend at the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within conference up in San Jose, CA.

If I’m being straight with you here, a blog post is barely going to skim the surface of what I experienced over that 4 day period, but here’s some of the power that was unleashed.

I went to this conference with a business mind and left with an enlightened mind. No BS. I wanted to better my knowledge of success in business and I left there shocked with the knowledge of how to better myself in all facets of life; my business, my mental state, my intellect, and my health.

And with 12 thousand people in one room going down the same journey, the level of emotion and power in that room was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Think of the biggest, loudest, most intense concert you’ve ever been to, the ups and downs of the musical path the artist takes you on, and multiply that by 50. Maayyyybbbeee that’s similar.

Every emotion that we feel as humans stems from either love and fear. Think of any emotion you could possibly have and see how in one way or another, it’ll stem from either love or fear. Once we’re able to recognize where our emotions are coming from, we can more appropriately deal with their entry into our mind.

Now you may of heard of this firewalk that Tony Robbins is notorious for doing at his events. Yes- I walked on burning hot, red-fiery coals. No- my feet did not burn off. In fact, believe it or not, it was one of the most empowering experiences I’ve had. And that was exactly the point.  

Walking on fire wasn’t just for the theatrics of getting 12k people, stinky feet and all (12k people- no socks or shoes- tiny space- now that was a nostril experience I’ll never forget!), to freak out and see who will do it. The purpose was to prove to ourselves that if your mindset and your state of being are outstanding, you can accomplish anything, even if that anything is walking on fiery coals.

When you change your mindset, you think of things differently. You actually change the pathway of the neurotransmitters in your brain and your nervous system by thought.

So how often are you thinking about what types of thoughts you’re feeding your brain?

There are two steps to changing your state- physiology and focus.

Emotion is powered by motion, so if you’re feeling stressed and like crap, staying still and not moving will keep you feeling stagnant. However, if you are feeling like that and go for a walk or put on some jams and dance it out, you will automatically start to feel better from the release of happy hormones through movement.

Besides movement, focus is the other key to redirecting your current state. Wherever you put your attention to, the energy goes. If you focus on all the crap that’s going on in your life, you’re going to feel like crap. If you focus on gratitude and love, you will feel significantly better.

At this event, he trained us to go from a very low state, feelings of doubt, insecurities, and disgust, to a peak state of joy, ecstasy, and power. He showed us how what we focus on significantly changed the way we felt.

He also used the tool of movement with music and dance. All the lights would go nuts like you were in a Las Vegas club, the music would rage and we were prompted to let it all out (whatever that meant for us)!

For me and about 10,000 others, this meant dancing our faces off to where I was unknowingly hitting my knees into the chair in front of me! The bruises are totally worth it for such a freeing and liberating experience.  

Big takeaway- You 100% have the power within you to change your mind and your state. In a room of 12k people, every race, religion, sexual orientation, and culture, we all shared the same core human emotions.

Our voices lowered and our heads dropped when we were prompted to focus on pain and our eyes brightened and voices vibrated when we were prompted to think about love. We are all the same and the more we are able to recognize that in our peers, the more we will be able to spread love and positivity, instead of the hate and violence that is so prominent in our world today.

Caring and giving to others will enrich our souls and our being much more than money and greed. During one of the most intense moments of the weekend, I had my eyeglasses on my chest to prevent them from getting covered in the unexpected tears I was shedding. We quickly moved from an intense, sad, emotional state to a peak state of power and excitement to show us how easy it is to do so with the right focus and movement.

In that state of excitement, I, of course, danced my face off and without realizing, my glasses went flying off my chest. My eyes were closed this whole time, so when it was time to open them, I realized one of my five senses was lost. I couldn’t see.

My immediate reaction was to panic, but then I made the decision to apply what we were being taught all weekend and change my state. I searched intensely for my eyeglasses and they were nowhere in sight.

All of the magnificent, caring, giving people around me paused their experience to help me look for my glasses, without looking to receive anything in return. My glasses ended up being turned into customer service and I got them shortly there after, but the power of community in that moment was unlike anything I have experienced. These beautiful humans saw someone in need and helped, just because.

How wonderful would you feel if you helped someone in need? Someone less fortunate than you? How would it feel to see the utter joy and excitement on their face when you do something that may be very small to you, but wildly impactful for them? Taking 5-10 minutes to help me look for my glasses while I was struggling to see in a sea of 12k people may be looked at as small, but for me, those beautiful souls will be permanently imprinted in my heart.

To say this Tony Robbins experience was life changing might be an understatement. Learning how the mind works and just how powerful it really is something we are all about at TCC. We have all the power within ourselves to change our human experience.

Stay tuned for our next Tony Robbins experience. We’re going VIP, baby.

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