That 80/20 Life


We’re all about that 80/20 life here at TCC. What does that mean exactly? 80% of the time we’re kickin’ tail, doing the things we need to do to function at a high level and feel our absolute best and 20% of the time, Life has a certain ebb and flow to it and when we restrict ourself to hard guidelines including eating habits, this creates rigidness in life.

This 80/20 model isn’t necessarily for everyone. Some prefer to live 99% of their life clean and eat a specific way whether that be for intolerances or they just feel their best getting in a solid workout every single day. But, for those of us espeically just starting out on a journey towards living a healthier life sticking to an 80% “clean” diet and lifestyle works because it’s attainable and sustainable.

The ladies at TCC subscribe to a mostly plant based diet because we’ve found that this is what makes us feel our best. We now have research to back up that this diet is favorable because if done right you will flood your system with the vitamins and minerals to help you feel your most energized and happiest self.

Plant foods feed the healthy gut bacteria in our microbiome and help them proliferate and grow. We want our healthy gut bacteria to thrive because this supports our mood, sleep, ability to fight sickness and more. Check out our blog post, “How To Take Care Of Your Second Brain” to learn more about our microbiome and gut and the best foods to support it.

A plant based diet is void of processed foods and meat. Deciding to eat meat is a personal choice, but we can all agree now that it should be at least a very minmal part of one’s diet. If you do choose to eat meat, it should be of the highest quality because factory farmed animals are fed poor diets consisting of cheap grains and are injected with hormones and antibiotics which in turn disrupts our hormonal balance and our microbiome.

“Animals raised in confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) -- which is the norm in modern-day factory farming -- are routinely given low doses of antibiotics to prevent diseases caused by the crowded and unsanitary sold in the United States, as much as 80 percent of them are used to treat livstock instead of people! The problem is that when we eat the meat, we ingest the antibiotic.” -- Brain Food: The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power, Lisa Moscani PhD

The microbiome is negatively affected by the overuse of antibiotics, since antibiotics are not fussy and inadvertently kill our good microbes along with the bad ones.

In other words, it’s in your best interest to pay attention to what the food that you eat, eats too.

Processed foods are another major threat to our gut. Besides being high in unhealthy sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup and refined white sugar, processed foods contain preservatives and chemicals which extend their shelf life -- this extended shelf life does not extend our life -- know what we mean?

A general rule of thumb is to stay away from packaged foods as much as possible that contain five or more ingredients particularly with ingredients that you cannot pronounce. If you don’t recognize the ingredient it’s likely your body will not either!

If your great grandmother didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t either!

Common packaged food ingredients to avoid include: lecithin, polysorbates, polyglycerols, carboxymethyclcellulose, carrageenans, xanthan gum, guar gum, propylene, sodium citrate, and mono- an di-glycerides.

When grocery shopping if you aim to stick around the parimeter of the store, avoiding the middle aisles as much as possible (where most of the packaged foods are found) you'll find yourself choosing healthier food options.

If this seems overwhelming start small. Try adding in one plant based meal in a day or even just a few a week. The good news is the more you add in fruits and vegetables into your diet you’ll naturally crowd out unhealthy foods.

And the best of all, the more you choose these foods, the more your body will CRAVE them! Yes, you read that right, your body will actually crave healthy foods if you can stick to eating whole, real foods more often.

By nourishing your body at least 80% of the time with clean food and healthy thinking, you are powering your body to handle those organic tortilla chips or whatever your 20% of choice may be. 

The 80/20 approach works for lifestyle as well. Giving yourself days to treat yo’self and have a glass (or two) of vino with the ladies is just as important as the kale you put on your plate.

Remember, we're here to enjoy this wild ride that we're on! Life is not meant to be about sticking to the rules all of the time. Be a little bad. The more we can learn to live and eat intuitively deciding what our body and soul needs most in that moment is when life flows most easily. 

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