The Doubt Gremlin


On today’s podcast, we’re talking about how doubt tried to creep in on us and how we kicked his bum out pronto.  Was it easy? No, not at first. He snuck in and was under the radar for a while, blended in with the other party peeps, and didn’t cause enough drama for us to notice. 

But then we realized- wait a second, we’ve seen this dude before! We immediately knew we had to act. 

We’re talkin’ the extremely unfriendly creep - DOUBT.

You know how one day you’re skipping through the streets, the skies are blue, the birds are chirping, the future is bright, and you know exactly who you are and where you heading and nothing can stop you? 

That feeling is bomb

But then you hear this creepy voice in the back of your head like a little gremlin in a dark, damp cave that just has to ruin the party. This gremlin just cannot NOT drop his 2 cents sometimes. At times he’s loud and all up in your face while other times he’s stealth, giving you a lil' silent dagger to the rib cage. 

Well, we caught Mr. Doubt in his tracks this week with these four weapons that are sure to help you catch him too. 


Meditation - sitting in stillness allows you to become the observer of your thoughts and see those beady little eyes in the cave trying to come out and get you.

Journaling - writing out your thoughts allows you to pull that gremlin out of the cave and shed some light on him, taking some of his power away.

Gratitude - focusing on the party peeps that you actually want to hang out with, i.e. good feeling thoughts will deter focus away from the gremlin (these can be teeny tiny. For example: giving gratitude for having a warm bed to go back to each night) and train your mind to go towards the happy thoughts more often.

Talking it out - much like journaling, talking it out allows you to pull the doubt gremlins out of your head and see them in front of you. You’re able to work through the doubt gremlin and realize he’s not so scary after all. 


Doubt stems from fear. The good news (if you want to look at it that way) is that we're all in it together and all have feelings of doubt. 

We all have feelings of fear, especially when we are trying to make changes in our lives or actualize dreams that we have. Doubt can creep in at any moment and strip away all motivation and ACTION. The first step in learning how to maneuver through doubt is to become aware of it.

Having self-awareness around our thoughts is the first step in changing them. 

These four weapons are extremely effective at helping you become more self-aware. We’re discussing the doubt gremlin on the podcast today and how we separately experienced it and overcame it.  

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