3 Ways to Increase Sustainable Energy

Lack of energy is insanely widespread today and people typically go to one source to cure it – coffee. While good ole’ bean water has loads of antioxidants and works for some people, it can actually be an energy drain for others. If we are consistently low in energy and use coffee as a means to “stay alive,” we are merely masking the root issue. It’s important to become aware of what is draining your energy, not just how to increase it.

We are electric, energetic beings! The body is highly intelligent and will heal and give you abundant energy if given the proper environment. Our bodies strive to give us all the energy we need to last throughout the day, but can not if we don’t give it what it needs. Rather than putting a band-aid on the issue with excess coffee and energy drinks, let’s take a look at ways you can tap into that energy that your body is trying to give ya!


The standard American diet is full of packaged foods that contain chemicals and preservatives and a lack of fiber. Fiber allows the body to cleanse itself of toxins, which can weigh us down. A diet that is low in fiber leads to poor digestion, which causes sluggishness, and is one of the easiest ways energy can be drained from you.

Fiber rich foods are plants – legumes, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains. These are filled with enzymes and minerals and are usually more easily assimilated by the body. While some may struggle with added fiber from plant foods at first, if you add them in slowly and build up, it should be smooth sailing from there. 😉

Plant foods are also detoxifying. Because they are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, they can assist in cleansing the body of toxins. Detoxing today is imperative for good energy because we are bombarded with environmental toxins.

Digestion takes up a vast amount of energy for our bodies and animal products are very difficult to digest. When the digestive system becomes overwhelmed, it uses energy that you could be expended elsewhere. Eating a diet filled with plants will lighten the load, if you will, for your digestive system. Help make the good times flow. 


We all know how important sleep is, but are you doing the right things to help you get that full 7-9 hours each night? In today’s hustle world, it’s become glamorized to not sleep because you’re the hardest worker in the game. What some might not realize, though, is that they could be producing better quality work and more efficiently if they allowed themselves to get some shut eye.

For those that do cherish sleep, it can be a problem falling asleep and staying asleep. Many turn to sleeping pills to solve the problem, but just like coffee, it’s merely a band-aid for the root issue.

Developing a sleep routine can be extremely helpful to allow your body to shut down slowly. Scrolling Instagram in bed for an hour before you want to sleep isn’t the best way to tell your brain its night night time. Turning your phone off an hour before bed, keeping a consistent sleep schedule, eliminating caffeine after 3 pm, and relaxing breathing exercises can all help you achieve a good nights sleep. If you have a racing mind or are stressed, use a journal to write down everything that is keeping you awake before heading to bed.


Self care can often be overlooked, but it is just as important as eating and sleeping right. If you don’t take time for yourself and are constantly on the go, it’s hard for the body to slow down and recover that lost energy. Self care can look many different ways and is completely dependent on the person. But there should be at least one daily item on the daily checklist which adds to your self care routine. This should not be reserved just for Sunday’s or a once a year on vacation; it is a daily practice.

This practice can be a daily meditation, drinking tea in the morning before everyone gets up, journaling, taking a bath at night, working on a creative project like painting or drawing, going on a walk, checking in with yourself and your emotions, or cooking a nutritious meal. This is time for yourself and unique to the individual. Unplugging from the world and turning your phone to airplane mode is highly suggested!


Rather than solely focusing on how to increase your energy, think about what may be zapping energy from you. Remember, we are energetic beings! Our bodies want to provide us with all the energy that we need to accomplish our goals. Is it work? School? Family? Try to pinpoint areas of your life that might be draining your energy or causing stress and see how you can tweak or approach those situations differently. Sometimes, just acknowledging that an area might be draining your energy is a great first step in correcting it. It can allow you to make changes in other areas so that you are better equipped to show up with great energy each day.

Start to become aware of what kind of energy you have and what you are doing to take care of it. Drinking 5 coffees a day? Maybe take a look at how your sleep routine is going. Experiencing stress? Maybe a daily meditation can help alleviate some of that. Experiencing brain fog? Take a look at what you’re eating for breakfast and lunch- it might be as simple as needing more fruits and vegetables.

There are, of course, supplements that can help with energy as well, such as B12 and magnesium (recommend both!), however, we want to get away from thinking that one supplement or one pill will treat the body or issue completely. It’s always important to take a look at everything in your life that might be affecting you. 

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